Poland. Creative design presents the achievements of contemporary Polish artists/designers - the Masters of the subject. Presented selection of objects, designed and produced by Polish designers after 1990, a collection of products with a unique design, enrolling itself in the Polish tradition of decorative arts in the twenties of the nineteenth century.  

I realise that this choice is somewhat subjective to some extend. The impetus for starting this work was a creation of a model project of Polish diplomatic mission for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project was designed to create a modern interior ,  typical of the polish culture. The elements of its room interior arrangement were designed and manufactured in Poland, furniture and everyday objects - original copyright works by Polish designers. Appreciating the tradition of the Polish idea of design and the everlasting beauty of the subject, we tried to create the interior that was both modern and completely Polish.

This work is a presentation of achievements of Polish designers creating unique items of interesting characteristic form. All products are prepared satisfying the conditions and requirements of mass production.

Marek Kawecki

This project is dedicated to artists who, through great passion and a creative attitude, kept constant creativity, uniqueness and timelessness of their products. The items they produce are great determinants of the quality of Polish art. This shows a high level of design and craft workshop. The works have already received recognition in Europe and worldwide: they are rewarded at prestigious competitions, presented by well-known galleries and salons. They uncover and bring back to life the  long forgotten artistry of life forms, creating new levels of oexistence of art and design. They include innovative technology, perfection of construction, control over matter, ideal proportions and harmony. These objects, they enrapture one with their delightful form, excellence and diligence in the implementation of the workshop. Also important are values, such as: colour, material, texture and light work together co-creating the final product. Their achievements often go ahead of its time, setting out orientations for the development of Polish art.


Poland. Creative design - regularly held expositions, exhibitions, conference and publishing enterprise.

We offer multi-track activities included within reguarly held presentations, meetings and demonstrations showing the achievements of Polish designers:

The main exposition and outdoor shows -  this will be presented as an exhibition and as individual installation - outdoor shows of selected designers. The main exposition will be placed in - Ujazdowski Castle. The outdoor shows will take place nearby the: Łazienki Park, the Botanical Gardens and Agricola.

Thematic conferences - an inaugural conference will be organized about the role of art and design in shaping public space; particular editions of the conference will cover various fields of activities.

Promotion of publications – a specially designed commemorative album showing profiles and achievements of contemporary Polish designers will be shown to the public.

Promotion of exhibitions abroad:
The exposition promoting the Polish art of design will be prepared as portable panels with a specially developed photographic identification, showing the achievements of individual artists.

At present in the project are involved:

PAUL Grunert
PIOTR Sierakowski

The idea and concept of the project:
Global Design Solutions

Implementation of the project:
Stowarzyszenie Warszawski Festiwal Projektowania
tel.: 022 616 24 34, tel./fax: 022 676 59 37
e-mail: swfp@swfp.pl



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